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As a firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFA). We provide savings and investment advice throughout the North East of England.

The first question we would ask you is, 'What are you trying to achieve?'.

Are you investing capital for Investment Growth or Income or maybe a combination of both?

You may be considering investing for various reasons:

    • Improve returns from bank savings
    • Increase retirement income
    • Investing for Tax efficiency
    • Child's education or for beneficiaries

We believe in focusing on several important areas when advising clients on their investment needs:

    • DIVERSIFICATION - The spread of capital between different asset classes such as Cash, Fixed Interest, Property and Shares
    • RISK - Focusing on what investment risk means, discussing "risk versus reward", and forming solutions to match each client's risk profile.
    • TAX - Constructing solutions to best utilise a client's fiscal circumstances.

Whatever your investment requirements we are able to offer the most suitable help, on various types of investments. Such as ISAs, OEICs, Unit Trusts and Investment bonds.

As an Independent Financial Adviser our job is to help you achieve your ambitions.

Your attitude to risk is important, as is your need for investment income or capital growth.

To find out how we can assist use our contact form here.

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