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As a firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFA). We provide inheritance tax and estate planning advice throughout the North East of England.

Are you concerned what will happen to your estate on your death? What Inheritance tax, if any, would be payable by your executors?

In all likelihood you have worked hard to build up your assets and you probably want your family to benefit when the time comes. The reality is however, they could end up having to give a large proportion of your money away in inheritance tax or be forced to sell property or other assets if you have not made the appropriate provisions.

With property prices as they are many more people find themselves over the IHT (Inheritance tax) threshold.

The typical tax over this threshold is 40%.

With the right planning we can help safeguard your family's inheritance.

Would you like to gift monies to grandchildren or set up a Life Insurance Trust for beneficiaries?

Are you concerned what would happen if you required long term care. How would you pay nursing home fees?

We can provide you with the appropriate inheritance advice and guidance, to help safeguard your estate for your family, and ensure your wishes are taken care of.

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The FCA do not regulate some forms of Inheritance tax planning.

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